From Lithuania 

“REP 2019 is a great opportunity for us to meet other students from different Member States who share the same interest in tackling the issues that are prevalent to today’s society. Through this event, we are able to collaborate with other students and exchange ideas that may differ from our own ideas and opinions.”

From Italy

We are the next generation, we are the future of the EU, so it is our responsibility to promote change in the European Community. We must use our differences to fight to solve gender equality, gender-based violence and lgbtq+ issues. 

It has been a very excited project and day spent with my classmate. I really enjoyed the different ideas from the topic that is a lot discussed nowadays.

From Spain 

It is important to solve this problem of gender-based violence. In order to solve this problem, we must educate the public on these issues. This event was very informative and helpful to us, as it allowed us to hear different opinions and discuss this topic with students from different countries and cultures.

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