Project steps

The REP2019 project includes the following activities:

  1. Co-design of an innovative and interactive training programme:
  • One full programme including list of topics and methodology for the European Parliament simulation games;
  • Involvement of at least two schools per country of project partners to be included in the programme.
  1. Delivery of the training programme with the participation of local communities:
  • At least 50 hours of lessons per each school involved;
  • At least 50 students per country involved;
  • At least 5 teachers and 5 experts per country involved;
  • Organisation of 5 transnational learning events (European Parliament/European Commission simulation games of the decision-making process).
  1. Assess the impact of the programme aiming to replicate and transfer its methodology:
  • One Handbook, including a training toolkit, conceived as a tool that will allow other young people to replicate the simulation games within or outside their schools’ programme.
  • Delivery of project exploitation plan with concrete measures and actions for fostering future initiatives.


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