From Italy

We really enjoyed the topic as it is a very relevant topic and there is a need for greater security. We also enjoyed the opportunity to share our ideas and opinions with other students. We would like to participate in this type of project again. 


From Lithuania

We enjoyed participating in this project and debating with other students from different countries. This project was informative and we learned a lot about the topic of internet security. We will remember this project for years to come. 

From Romania

We enjoyed exchanging ideas and debating with students from different countries. We learned how to work together to find solutions to internet safety. This project was also an opportunity for us to practice and improve on our English skills. 

From Spain 

This topic, internet safety, is very important to us and it was a great opportunity to share our opinions, debate, and practice our English with other students from different countries. Our favorite part was the debate because it was an opportunity to not only talk about the proposal but also get to know each other. 

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